Delight Your Residents & Qualify For Green Loans

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Delight Your Residents & Qualify For Green Loans

Say Hello to a Better Shower!

Are you a multifamily property owner or manager looking for easy and innovative products to lower your property's water and energy use while also delighting your residents
This Webinar, hosted by the American Apartment Association and Evolve Technologies, discusses the challenges associated with saving water and energy in multifamily residences and presents comfort and convenience enhancing technologies that benefit property owners and residents alike.
Property Owner Benefits:
  • Increase NOI by saving 7% (or more) on your water & sewer bill
  • Reduce apartment water consumption by 5,000 gallons/unit/year
  • More easily & cost effectively qualify for Green Loans
  • Strong ROI with payback times as little as 10 months
  • Delight residents with an improved shower experience
Resident Benefits:
      • Faster hot water delivery (reduces the warm-up waits)
      • Increases the hot water available for showering 
      • Adds comfort and convenience to bathing routines
      • Saves water & energy without requiring sacrifice or behavior changes

            Executive Summary

            The Challenges:

            1. Waiting, Waiting, Waiting For Hot Water To Arrive

            Referred to as Structural Waste, every building has a unique plumbing architecture behind its walls that creates cold water in the hot water line as the previously heated water in the line cools during periods of non-use. This cold water must now be purged from the hot water line before hot water can reach the shower. Structural Waste is reason why you have to wait, wait, wait for your shower to get warm after turning-on the water. And as apartments increase in size and us lower flow fixtures the Structural Waste problem grows worse and worse.

            2. The Shower's Hot, But No One's Inside

            Known as Behavioral Waste, about a minute's worth of hot water accidentally runs down the drain as bathers wait for their shower to get warm. Let's be honest, waiting for hot water is inconvenient and we're all quite busy during our get-ready routines. So, we sneak away to do some other stuff while we're waiting. Brushing teeth, using the toilet, shaving and making the bed are common activities. When we return, the shower is warm and ready, but how much hot water ran down the drain while we were away?  Research suggests it's 2-6 gallons per shower depending on the shower head's flow rate. 

            One can imagine with distracted teens how this could be much much more...

            Learn More About Behavioral Waste

            Research shows 75% of users walk away after turning on their shower to do something else; most often not returning until that task(s) is complete, wasting up to 25% of the hot water uses for entire bathing process. read the report

            3. Low Flow Shower Heads Increase Structural & Behavioral Waste

            Did you know the speed at which the Structural Waste travels through the pipes during your shower's warm-up impacts the actual volume of cold water that must be purged before hot water arrives? The lower flow, the larger the volume of Structural Waste. Today's low-flow showerheads can increase the volume of Structural Waste by 50% to 100%. And more waste means even longer waits. And longer waits means more hot showers running empty. And more hot showers running empty means more Behavioral Waste.  It's a compounding problem.

            The Solutions:

            What if you could dramatically increase the speed at which hot water arrives? What if you could prevent hot water from running down the drain when no-one's in the shower? What if you could accomplish both without asking anyone to change their get-ready routine?  With ShowerStart Technology it not only possible, it's easy.

            Auto Diverting Tub Spout System

            Built for tub/shower combo bathrooms, Evolve's Auto Diverting Tub Spout System saves water and energy in 4 unique ways:

            • Speeds hot water delivery to reduce Structural Waste
            • Pauses shower when water hot water arrives to eliminate Behavioral Waste
            • Thermostatically seals to prevent tub spout diverter leaks
            • Delivers a great feeling, yet efficient showering experience

            In total the Auto Diverting Tub Spout can save up to 16 gallons of hot water per shower. That means saving not only water, but also the energy used to heat it.

            Learn More About Auto Diverting Tub Spout

            ShowerStart TSV

            Designed for compatibility with all standard shower heads and hand showers, Evolve's ShowerStart TSV is the easiest way to add comfort and convenience to your get-ready routine, while saving water and energy too. ShowerStart TSV: 

            • Pauses shower when hot water arrives to eliminate Behavioral Waste
            • Does not lower shower head feel or flow
            • Delivers a great feeling, yet efficient showering experience (shower head integrated units)

            Learn More About ShowerStart TSV

            Real World Results:

            To review research and in-field results, we invite you to visit the following links:

            Getting into Hot Water, The New Energy Efficiency Frontier: Gary Klein


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