Maximize Savings Impact & Measure Efficiency

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Maximize Savings Impact & Measure Efficiency


No efficiency product saves more energy laden hot water per use than Evolve’s Auto Diverting Tub Spout System (ADTS). And it not only saves big, it does so while adding significant comfort and convenience to residents’ get ready routines. The core of the System’s savings capacity is its integrated ShowerStart Technology. ShowerStart detects the water’s temperature to speed hot water delivery, automatically divert hot water to the showerhead once it has arrived, and to prevent hot water from running down the drain when the shower is running, but still empty. The Auto Diverting Tub Spout system works like this:


Saving up to 16 gallons of hot water per shower in tub and shower combo bathrooms, the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System is uniquely efficient in 4 ways.  The ADTS:

  • Reduces Cold Water Waste During Shower Warm-Ups
    Lowers the volume of Structural Waste that must be purged before hot water can arrive
  • Eliminates Hot Water Waste During Shower Warm-Ups (behavioral waste)
    Prevents Behavioral Waste by stopping hot water from running down drain when no one’s in the shower
  • Provides High Pressure, Efficient Showering
    Uniquely designed spray patterns, spray nozzles and effective pressure compensating flow regulation
  • Prevents Tub Spout Diverter Leaks
    Thermostatically seals tub spout diverter to prevent water from leaking from spout while showering

In addition to its substantial water and energy savings attributes, the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System delivers significant comfort and convenience oriented non-energy benefits to residents and homeowners alike. The ADTS:

  • Slashes Hot Water Wait Times
    Hot water arrives 3X - 8X faster to arrive in seconds instead of minutes

  • Automatically Diverts Hot Water To Shower Head
    No more need to activate the tub spout diverter once hot water arrives

  • Gives Residents The Freedom To Multitask While Waiting For Hot Water To Arrive
    Do other things while waiting for hot water to arrive without wasting it on an empty shower

  • Creates A High-Pressure, Great Feeling Shower
    Specialized spray nozzles, spray patterns and pressure compensating for regulation for great showers


Available in both standard showerhead and handshower models, the Auto Diverting Tubspout System is currently used in multifamily properties owned or managed by the largest companies in the industry such as Greystar. It has been approved for use in Fannie Mae Green Rewards and Freddie Mac Green Advantage multifamily programs and is currently being installed in the largest utility energy and efficiency and weatherization program in the country, California’s ESA (Energy Savings Assistance).

Multifamily Property Saves 785,000 Gallons Of Hot Water Per Year & Cuts Total Water Use By 7%

Applegate Apartments, owned and operated by Maryland Management, is located in a well-established residential area just outside of historic downtown Frederick, MD. The multifamily property contains two buildings comprising one, two and three bedroom apartments. Rents range from $1074 to $1709 per unit.

Installation of 156 Auto Diverting Tub Spouts was completed by Applegate's maintenance staff over the course of several months and total water consumption was monitored via meter readings from the billing statements provided by the local water utility. No other water saving products were used during the monitoring period and no savings were attributed the System's shower head, as its flow rate was identical to the flow rate of the shower head it replaced.

To calculate hot water savings resulting from installation of the Auto-Diverting Tub Spout Systems, Evolve Technologies reviewed quarterly metering and billing statements from Applegate’s water utility. Statements for the 4 consecutive quarters prior to installation were monitored to determine water use for the year prior to installation. Quarterly statements for a period of one year after installation were reviewed to determine water use for the year after installation. To neutralize the impact of occupancy rate variances within the analysis, water use was adjusted to assume 100% occupancy.

Comparing water use from the Year Prior To Install to the Year After Install reveals 785,345 gallons saved. These savings represent a combined 7% reduction in total water use for the Applegate multifamily property.

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