ShowerStart TSV3

ShowerStart TSV3 can save 1.5 - 2.5 gallons of water per shower, and the energy used to heat it, while adding a touch of comfort and convenience to bathers get-ready routines.

This clever device senses the shower’s temperature and automatically pauses the flow when it’s time to get in. That means no more empty showers running on and on when bathers leave to do something else (brush teeth, use toilet, shave …) while waiting for hot water to arrive.

By conveniently putting hot showers on standby, ShowerStart TSV simply, easily, and cost-effectively increases a shower’s water and energy efficiency by 12% or more. Contact us today to learn why millions of units have been installed in single and multifamily residences over the past few years.


  • Cost Effectively Eliminates Behavioral Waste
  • Increases Shower Water/Energy Efficiency by ~ 12%
  • Saves ~ 1.5 - 2.5 gal. of Water & Heating Energy Per Shower
  • Convenience Residents Enjoy
  • Water & Energy Efficiency You Desire
  • Works With All Standard Showerheads & Shower Arms
  • Quick And Easy Installation