ShowerStart Express

ShowerStart Express gets your shower hot up to 3X faster and saves as much as 3 - 4 gallons of water (and the energy used to heat it) per shower.

Not only does it speed hot water delivery to reduce hot water waits, ShowerStart Express is smart. So smart, in fact, it automatically pauses the shower’s flow when bathing temperature water arrives. Placing your hot shower on standby means no more empty showers running on and on when bathers step away to do something else (brush teeth, use toilet, shave …) while waiting for hot water to arrive.

Want to save even more? Just add the H2O Collection Kit (sold separately). It conveniently routes the shower's initial cold water to a container you provide. Now you can easily capture and repurpose it for other needs around your home - pets, plants, toilets, laundry ...

By conveniently delivering hot water up to 3X faster, and putting hot showers on standby, ShowerStart TSV simply, easily, and cost effectively increases a shower’s water and energy efficiency by up to 20% or more. Contact us today to learn more about solving the biggest complaint bathers have about their showers (waiting for hot water to arrive) while simultaneously saving water, energy, and lowering utility bills.


  • Cost Effectively Reduces or Eliminates Warm-Up Waste
  • Increases Shower Water/Energy Efficiency by 20%
  • Saves ~ 3 - 4 gal. of Water & Heating Energy Per Shower
  • Gets Shower Hot Up To 3X Faster
  • Hot Shower Standby Prevents Hot Water Waste
  • Convenience Residents Enjoy / Efficiency You Desire
  • Works With All Standard Showerheads & Shower Arms
  • Quick And Easy Installation