Auto Diverting Tub Spout System

By saving up to 15 gallons of water, and the energy used to heat it, Evolve’s Auto Diverting Tub Spout System (ADTS) is the ultimate solution for maximizing efficiency while enhancing bather comfort and convivence in tub/shower combination bathrooms.

Once installed, long hot water waits become a relic of the past - the System thermostatically bypasses the showerhead’s restricted flow to deliver hot water up to 3X faster. Then, once bathing temperature water arrives, the ADTS automatically diverts water to the showerhead and places the shower on standby to keep an empty shower from running on and on should bathers step away to brush teeth, use toilet, shave … while waiting for hot water to arrive.

In addition to fast hot water delivery and eliminating Behavioral Waste, the System further enhances water and energy efficiency by thermostatically sealing off the tub spout while bathers are showering. Preventing tub spout diverter leaks alone saves nearly 5 gallons of water and heating energy per shower.

The System’s final layer of efficiency maximizes shower warmth and feel though an attractive, high-pressure spray WaterSense showerhead.

Contact us today to lean why the nation’s top multifamily property managers and owners are installing the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System throughout their portfolios.


  • Cost Effectively Eliminates Behavioral Waste
  • Prevents Tub Spout Diverter Leaks
  • Provides Efficient Showering
  • Saves up to 15 gal. of Water & Heating Energy Per Shower
  • Gets Shower Hot Up To 3X Faster
  • Hot Shower Standby Prevents Hot Water Waste
  • Convenience Residents Enjoy / Efficiency You Desire