Leaky Tubs Spouts Should Not Be Tollerated

December 05, 2019 2 min read

Fixing The Leak On Your Feet

Tub spouts have a way of leaking you’ve probably never noticed.  After all, how can you tell if your feet are too wet when you’re already taking a shower?

There is a good chance your tub spout leaks while you’re showering in a tub/shower combination bathroom.  And if that leak doesn’t exist yet, it will most likely show up over time. In fact, the older the tub spout, the leakier it becomes.
The problem is in the design of your tub spout’s diverter – you know, that thingy you push or pull to redirect hot water to your shower head. Every time you use it you slightly weaken the seal that prevents water from exiting the tub spout. And in a few years, water starts to drip from your tub spout while you’re showering.  Over time, it begins to pour.

35% typical spouts leak an avg of 5 gallons HOT WATER every shower

Leaking shower diverters are a big deal. Research by Taitem Engineering in a study including over 120 apartments and houses found that 34% of all tub spout diverters leaked more than 0.1 gallons per minute. The largest leak was 3.0 gpm and the average of all those leaks was .8 gpm. In other words, about 1/3 of tub spouts are leaking during showers, and they’re doing so at nearly a gallon a minute. Consider a typical showering time of 6 minutes, and your leaky tub spout is wasting nearly 5 gallons of hot water per shower!

Through Engineering and Innovation... Ours wont

Evolve’s Auto Diverting Tub Spout System is uniquely engineered to prevent tub spout diverter leaks – today, and in the future. It does so by thermostatically preventing water from existing the tub spout once it becomes hot. Not only does this save nearly 5 gallons of hot water per shower, it comes with the added benefit of automatically directing hot water to your shower head once it arrives.

Three More Ways We Save...

Preventing tub spout leaks is just one of the four unique ways in which the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System saves water and the energy used to heat it while adding convenience to your showering routine. The unit also reduces Structural Waste while speeding hot water delivery, prevents Behavioral Waste while allowing you to multitask when waiting for hot water to arrive, and provides efficient showering while delivering a warm, comfortable, high pressure experience.  

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