Does Instant Hot Water Really Save?

August 23, 2019 3 min read

Recirculating Hot Water Systems - Still have a wait, and a waste

It is commonly believed that reducing Structural Waste (the cold water you have to purge before your shower is warm and ready) results in increased convenience and decreased hot water and energy use. In fact, many people install expensive hot water recirculation systems with the hopes of doing just that. They dream of turning on the water and immediately stepping into a wonderfully warm shower. 

They mistakenly believe that getting hot water quickly to the point of use (their shower) will actually occur and that it will allow a change in their normal routine. You know, turning on the shower and leaving to do something else like brushing teeth, making the bed, picking out clothes, using the toilet ... while waiting for it to become warm. This multitasking is something we call Behavioral Waste and you may not realize it, but it produces quite a bit of unintentional hot water waste. 

Believe It Or Not, Faster Hot Water Delivery Significantly Increases Hot Water Waste

In theory, fast hot water delivery should reduce hot water waste. However data from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab ( LBNL data ) suggests the opposite is true. That's right. Faster hot water delivery actually significantly hot water waste - and by a lot. How can this be true? Let's take a look.

In the LBNL study, bathrooms with consistently fast hot water delivery times showed significantly more Behavioral Waste (hot water running down the drain while no one's in the shower) than average. Specifically half of the bathrooms monitored by LBNL exhibited consistently fast hot water delivery, yet those bathrooms also exhibited 32% more Behavioral Waste than average.

Rather than significantly reducing the total amount of Warm-Up Waste (Structural Waste + Behavioral Waste), fast hot water delivery primarily increased the percentage of Behavioral Waste within a relatively consistent Warm-Up Waste volume. In other words, hot water arrived quickly, but people's behavior did not change. They turned the shower on and left to do something else, just like they always do.

Waiting for hot water, even if its a only for few seconds, is just too inconvenient. And due to the way homes are plumbed it takes a little time for hot water to reach the shower, even when hot water recirculation systems are present.  

There Is A Solution - Fast Hot Water & Savings Too

Tub/Shower Combination Bathrooms

Evolve Technologies' Auto Diverting Tub Spout System with ShowerStart Technology is what you're looking for. Not only is it a fraction of the price of hot water recirculation systems, it installs in just minutes. But most importantly it slashes hot water waits from minutes to seconds (by warming your shower through the tub spout) and ensures your hot water won't be wasted if you happen to keep your old routine and step away for a moment or two before you begin showering.

The Auto Diverting Tub Spout System has two more comfort and convenience oriented water saving features too. It's ShowerStart Technology also prevents tub spout leaks (the hot water that runs out of the spout while your showering) and supports a great feeling, high pressure, yet water saving shower.

All in all, the Auto Diverting Tub Spout System saves up to 16 gallons of water per shower by reducing Structural Waste, eliminating Behavioral Waste, preventing Tub Spout Leaks and providing efficient showering. 

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Stand Alone Showers

Like the idea of eliminating Behavioral Waste while waiting on your shower to become warm, but have a stand alone shower? We've got that covered too. Adding our ShowerStart Technology to your existing shower head is as simple as using our ShowerStart TSV shower head adapter. Once installed you can conveniently step away from the shower while waiting for it to become warm without wasting hot water when you do.  

Now you can multitask and your shower will tell you when it's ready by automatically lowering flow to just a trickle when the hot water arrives. That's the signal your shower's now warm and waiting for you. Just wrap up what your doing, return to the shower, activate the shower's normal flow and step on in.  ShowerStart TSV automatically resets itself for the next shower too. 

In addition to our ShowerStart TSV adapter we also sell a complete line of shower heads and hand showers with integrated ShowerStart Technology.